Executive Fabric

Hlala Fabrics executive fabric range consists of three layers. The top layer is a weft knit fabric. The fabric is woven from individually dyed yarns. This means that the design is woven into the fabric, there is no subsequent dying process. In terms of colour fastness and resistance to UV light, this is a defining feature. Another important aspect to a weft knit fabric is that the pile is made up of individual and complete fabric strands, which makes these fabrics the top of the range in terms of look, feel and durability.

The middle layer of the fabric consists of a 3mm foam, which gives the fabric a soft, luxurious feel.

The bottom layer is a woven backer, which provides dimensional stability to the fabric as a whole. Standard roll lengths are approximately 30m, but the fabric can be supplied in cut lengths if required.

If you’re looking for quality and durability when retrimming your bus seats, then look no further than our executive range of fabrics.

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